Saturday, July 7, 2007

Will 7-7-07 Be Your Lucky Day?

Will 7-7-07 be your lucky day? Do you feel lucky?" Seven has always been considered the luckiest number, and with three sevens in a row today might just be your lucky day..guess we need to play the lottery or something.. Why all the fuss? The date 7/7/07 only happens every 100 years, and given the luck associated with the number 7, many are feeling pretty lucky today. Well the best of luck to all today cause yesterday my luck ran out.. I got a $100 ticket with my car parked in front of my house, now what are the odds of that happening on a street that is quiet and does not have Zone parking spaces.. who would have thought this could happen. Well all day my inner voice kept telling me to move my car because I had dead tags, but let me add that I had renewed the tags at 10:30 am yesterday morning but failed to put them in the window, so at 7:17 pm the ticket writer came in the neighborhood, wow she really had nothing better to do yesterday, but to get her hawk eyes on my vehicle, she lucked up on me.. so today she can forget it being her lucky day! Today has got to be my day -- my lesson learned yesterday is LISTEN to your inner voice.. it told me to move the car, but I did not listen. So my voice today is saying play the Lottery so I can get the money to pay the ticket.. LOL.. CAJtalk

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cici said...

Oh NO!... but of course there is always a lesson in everything.and it seems you found yours.. I feel your lucky streak... Maybe you should play all the lotteries you can today... Maybe you should play one for me.. cause I am not feeling so lucky.