Sunday, November 4, 2007

CAJ's Random Things

Random Things.... Thanks Chris for tagging me on this. I will do my best.

1.. I am a lefty, but not a true lefty. you see growing up everyone told me to not write with my left hand, but guess what that is where it felt best. They would put it in my right hand and I would move it back to my left. oh well I won because I write with the LEFT and that is about all I do with the left hand.

2. I hate eggs... can't stand them, most people that know me know this and they know how I feel about mayo, another dislike in the food department -- oh and let me tell you about ice please..

3. Splitting the pole, something I have brought with me from my childhood. Which I am working to get through, but if we are together please work with me and let's not split the pole.

4. Love to visit big cities. Can't decide which I like best Las Vegas or New York.

5. I am a people person, but love being home alone in a quiet place with my TV and knitting needles.

6. I get up at 4:15 to exercise. I love getting it over with. I drive 20 minutes to the gym..take a boot camp class and then come back home and get in the bed. LOL.. I don't have to be to work until 9:30 and most days I don't get there until 9:45. oh well the exercise is great for my second nap. (At the moment, this is a sore subject because now that it is cold.. I don't like going in the cold)

7. Talk Radio.. I can thank my good ole DAD for this one. Something he handed down to me. I really don't like listening to music in the car. give me Talk Radio.. WPFW, 103.5, WOL is where my radio dial stays, although the Steve Harvey Morning show is a must.

Okay. so I will not be tagging anyone because CiCi tagged enough people.. If you are reading this and want to play the game.. Go for it -- think of 7 things about yourself and let the world know...........


cici said...

well thanks sis... I was wondering when you were going to post. I think I even learned something new about you!.

Evelyn said...

Just popping in to say thanks for hitting my blog from another D.C. grrrl.

Guaria del Bosque said...

Number three cracked me up! I'd forgotten all about 'splitting the pole.'