Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Girlfriends (Joan and Maya knit)

Okay, did anyone see last night's episode of Girlfriends? It really touched home for me. When I saw Joan and Maya knitting and the way Lynn referred to them as being old and not being able to hangout anymore was so close to something I experienced this weekend in Dallas with my younger sister, Nelerene. She wanted me to hang out and I wanted to stay at the hotel and Knit. I did manage to get some knitting done on the plane, but I was called Grandma KNIT. Also, there was on another occasion, recently, when me, Londa and Angie went out during the CBC weekend and we had not been out in ages, well the scene when Joan and Maya decided to drop it like it was hot... Oh when Londa dropped it she too was on the floor on her knees. We had a great time that night also, one of the best in a very long time. It was so funny to come home to that episode of Girlfriends because it was just typical of some of my own experiences with getting older and being content with my knitting and how people relate it to being OLD and there are so many knitters who are much younger than me. Don't knock knitting....Try IT... you might like it.

Also, I did get a chance to visit a LYS while in Dallas. It was a very nice store Shabby Sheep. I will upload some pics later today.


Virtuous said...

You know I was on the phone last night while it came on and totally missed it!! I "saw" it but wasn't paying attention!! Shoot!
I did end up recording the last 20 minutes, but I hate that I missed the 1st part of them knitting! Ugh!

But I agree with you. I am 32 and on a Friday night after work all I want to do is go home, relax, and KNIT! I am really good! :op

I am glad my boyfriend doesn't think I am an old lady, but thinks I am talented...that makes me feel good! :o)

cici said...

amen sis... It just shows you that there is a whole world of clueless people out there, that are missing sooooo much. But, these same people are the ones who ask you... Can you make me this???Will you make me that???