Friday, December 14, 2007

Reality strikes again.....

As I was leaving work tonight, just around the corner from my job, I spotted the REALITY truck. The truck was on F Street NW, and it was backing up to a parking space in front of the old Woodworth and Lothrop building. Oh, how excited was I. All I could think of I am finally going to get to see who is driving. I am always behind the truck, but tonight I get to see who is driving. Finally. As I thought where in the world is my camera. I can get a picture of the driver, oh the excitement was getting intense, but the reality was how in the heck could I in the middle of downtown DC, Friday night rush hour traffic, people and cars everywhere get the picture..... and I am driving! There was no way in the world I could make it happen. So, since there was no way to get a picture. I have to tell you that the driver is a lady, who would have thought, a lady...not me. Okay, so she is backing the truck up because she is picking up a street vendor and I believe it was Itzah C. Kret. From the photo on his webpage it has to be him. Well the mystery is almost solved for me, but I will definitely be going to that vendor on Monday, just to see for sure if it is he. Cajtalk

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