Sunday, April 13, 2008


Thanks everyone for your support and guidance in FROGGING. Here is my new and improved CPH. I did what I know I had to do and I am Happy I did it!

Here is a pic of Caj's progress on CPH


We have been participating in the StitchDC 2008 FREE Blanket Craftalong. Check out a few of our swatches.

CAJ is working on her first pair of Monkey's by Cookie A which are just about finished. Also check out her finished NORO socks.

Here is our Baby Sis, Nelerene... she is our model of the day of the Weekend Knits Poncho that Caj has been working on. She does not realize she is a future Knitter.

And lastly, we would like to share a few yarn purchases......

Audacity/ Blackbunny Fibers, some of the proceeds are donated to the Obama Campaign.....also yarn from a local artist, MerryGentleman of Rock Creek Farm, who just recently joined our sit and knit group

And this is our FLAT FEET which one day will become a pair of Socks. It is a unique color pattern that you knit directly from the flat fiber.


jennifer said...

I'm so glad you don't hate me for insisting you HAD to do it, and making you do it on Wednesday night then and there!

and Nelerene looks just like Chelette from the back -- they must move alike!

Virtuous said...

Yah!!! You frog and looks like you are almost right back where you originally were...see didn't take long at all!

Tee hee @ future knitter! Yep!

I have been on the wait list for my Audacity yarn! Sigh

I keep hearing about flat feet and thank that is so neat! Can't wait to see it turn into a pair of socks!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

You ladies have knitted up some beautiful items there !!! Those CPH's look maaaaarvelous !!!

Cat said...

Niiiice Stuff !!!

urbanknitrix said...

Your CPH's are looking gorgeous and I love that Poncho!! Great work ladies, I might just stop down at StitchDC for a little Sit and day.

Lailah-Alease said...

Yay!! The poncho looks great! Glad to see you completed, it came out looking verrrry professional. OPEN A STORE!

Laurin J. said...

Love the poncho! Can't wait to get me one of those! I'll put in a order now..hopefully it could be done by this winter ;0