Sunday, May 4, 2008

MDSW Weekend / Dilemma

We had a fabulous day at MDSW on Saturday and guess what Sunday too. Yes, we went back on Sunday even though, we discussed on Saturday night that we would not go. As Sunday rolled around we thought, how in the world can we not take advantage of this opportunity! This only comes once and year and it is 40 minutes away and with the yarn GODS calling -- we were on our way..

Our first stop was the RAVELRY meet up. Jess and Casey yall are the best

We finally got to meet Evelyn. Check out the shawl she is working on.

Karida and her mom where there.

and of course we knew Jillsey would be there

Got to meet PinkRibbon

Anne is ready to go home and start spinning

Famous last words to us from Edna and Larry ATS owners
" Save some money for our Friday the 13th sale"

We headed over to the Cloverhill Booth and ran into Jolene and Jody. I believe this booth is the reason for Day2 -- we loved the yarns.

As we strolled around we ran into some more friends.

AmyO ... I love the hat! Barbara and Martha always the life of the party.

Carol was on her way to the Main Building and our friends from Stitch DC was coming back for Round 2.

Chris and Tili Thomas. Tili was another reason for Day 2.
And got to meet Susan aka libknitter on Ravelry.
Day 2

Shelly and the Philosopher talked CiCi into buying 'The Original Philosopher's Two-Handed Fair Isle . I guess she will have to teach me this too.

Ran into Rivka with her parents and Merry Gentleman and E where also strolling around.

It was good to meet Deb -- since we have been reading her blog for months. Also ran into Monica

And to close out this day -- we have a dilemma and we need your help. Please check out the shawl and scarf that are pictured below. Does anyone know the pattern. The ladies told us where they got it and we could not find it anywhere. ( I guess we had a senior moment). We searched every building for the pattern and could not find it. Please if anyone knows the pattern -- please let us know. Thanks. Cici and Chelette


Deb-VA said...

Wasn't this a blast? My 2 favorite things - meeting new folks & spending money on yarn! Never did make it to the meetup or find those beautiful glass knitting needles but there's always next year.

jennifer said...

God I missed everyone! I was only there from 9:15 a.m. to 12:15 -- ran into Mary & hubby, but didn't see anyone else except the YI ladies and Hannah & David (and of course the Philosper folks.) I guess after CPH and the shawl this summer we're all doing a Philosopher's sweater? I've got one waiting in the wings to be finished.
Don't know your scarves though -- I've seen 'em somewhere.

And isn't Tilli FABULOUS! I sooo liked her (as well as falling in love with her yarns!)

Martha H said...

I love the pictures and am so very envious of your day 2 visit. I wanted sooooo badly to return, but that R(esponsiblities) word kept getting in the way. Grocery shopping and bill paying trumped yarn shopping and excessive spending.

I believe that the scarves are Morehouse Merino patterns.

We missed you at the Ravelry party!

KimT said...

so jealous! I would love to have been there. SOunds like a great time and I get why you had to go back the second day.

Laurin J. said...

Soo this is why I didn't talk to my mother all wkend?!?! How nice!! Looks like ya'll had a blast!

Coleen said...

It was so great to see you both again! I'm not sure but the vest and scarf kind of look like something from Morehouse Farms.

Hope to see you again soon!

Jolene said...

It was so nice to meet you! I hope you see you both again.

Evelyn said...

Sooo lovely to meet you both! MD S&W was a hoot, although I did not return on Sunday.


Don said...

Very nice pictures. It's always good to see people smiling and enjoy each others' company. As well as the festivites.

Jude said...

Great pictures. You ladies look like you had a great time. I've never made it to this show because I live in Ohio. It's just too far and I'm guessing, my teenagers just would not cooperate. (Ha-Ha, Do they ever?)

Thanks for entering my giveaway. Let others know about the site, I'd love to have a bunch of people enter.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow ! Looks like fun, fun, fun. Perhaps next year I will make it.

Barbara deG said...

I am impressed that :
you all went back
you got so many great photos
you managed to post everything last weekend!
I took advantage of Mother' Day to write my MSW post.
See you soon

hope said...

I am jealous, jealous, jealous. I really hope to get to one of these festivals one day. Looks like it was a lot of fun.