Sunday, January 11, 2009


I couldn't believe how badly the yarn(sundara) got tangled around itself, but it was late and I decided sleep might help. So first thing in the a.m. I was back at it. I have to say things did look hopeful and I was eager to give it another try. So, it started off looking like it wasn't going to happen and that I would need to cut the yarn and start all over again. After a few attempts, I began to think maybe there was hope. An hour later I finally got it untangled. I think that the content of the silk and the merino made it difficult. It looks like the outter piece had caught onto the inner piece and they kept twisting around together until it was a tangled messed. I don't know how it got this way. When I wound the yarn on the swift I didn't have any problems or signs that something would go wrong. Having 500 yards didn't help. It was a close call and I have learned my lesson. Next time I am going to really pay attention when winding large amonts into cakes. Has this ever happen to you? Any good tips on winding yarn and keeping it tangle free I welcome:)

halfway through, not as pretty as the cake but
at least the tangles are gone

Here's where I am so far.
I am in section 3 and just dropped my first stitch,
sundara silk and merino from my sock club.
Chelette's clapotis, Malabrigo silk merino, in section 4I am really liking this pattern. I know we are late to the game. This pattern has been around for years. It is easy to knit and remember. I am already thinking about what yarn I will use next.

Recently I won the prize from Knit Fiber's contest Daisy Mum Check out her etsy shop. The prize was to pick one item from her shop. I chose the Knitted Fair Isle or Duplicate Stitch Peace Bracelet. It pretty cool and I am so happy. She also have some great patterns for sale, like pumpkins, hearts, soccer, knitted candy and a pink ribbon, and many more.
Go check her out and tell her I sent you.


Dee said...

Trust me you are not late to the game. I've been trying to knit the Claptois since the begining of time..

Chelette said...

Sister, I am actually still in Section 3, just getting my length. The Malabrigo silky merino is nice. BTW, I have to put this on hold for a minute because I am working on a baby blanket for a shower that is January 31 -- just cant seem to finish anything for ME....

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I put my skein on the back of a chair to hand wind it into a ball.I have sat unraveling twisted skeins more hours than I can tell your clapotis's are gorgeous:)Hugs Darcy

Lina said...

Both those Clapotises (or is that Clapoti?) are looking beautiful. Can't wait to see them finished.

I'm glad you got your mess untangled. I can't believe how long it takes to untangle that when you need to!

Javajem said...

I love the Clap - it's one of my favorite patterns!! The yarn is lovely - even if it's pesky!

Can't wait to see it done and modeled!

hope said...

Let me know about the Sundara yarn. I was just at their website and couldn't understand what was going on there. I've heard that the yarn is fabulous though. Good luck on the Clapotis, I haven't made one yet either so you're ahead of me. Hope to see you in DC next week.

Anonymous said...

Clapotis is a a Classic, so its never to late! Your Clap is looking fab and your sister's turned out beautiful! Thanks for joining my KAL!
Sandra Singh

Melodye said...

You're not late. It's next in my queue. Lookin good.

Loren G. said...

Your claps are looking very good. I knitted one when the pattern came out and have worn it all thru the winters. It is looking a little worn now and am looking for new yarn to make another one. I might look at the Sundara yarn on their website.

Beverly said...

You two aren't the only ones who haven't done a Clapotis. I can't seem to talk myself into this one.

Don't you just hate it when good yarn goes bad?!

Iron Needles said...

Hey! No clapotis here either yet! And since you advice on the yarn tangles? I will wind two cakes when I have more than 300 yards. Makes for a knot, I know, but generally easier to work around that the headache of tangles.

Thanks for stopping by my place, reading, and commenting, too.

Anonymous said...

You've been getting so much knitting done. I can barely stay focuse on a sock lately. Everything looks fantastic!

Ceci said...

haha, another who's never kntited a Clap but really does want to... right here!

And yes, I am good at tangling yarn. I have done so much in fact that I can often tell when it's happening and can usually get in there and right things before it gets too bad. And if it does, my sister Ana ( is The Queen of Untangling, known far and wide. In Austin anyway. :)

I love the semi-solids ya'll are using! And gorgeous colors. Is Chelette's yellow-y? or just neutral. It's hard to tell in the photo, but either way it's lovely.

Hey, CiCi, thank you so much for the consistent comments on my blog. I do appreciate it. :)

cici said...

Thanks everyone for you comments

@Dee.. nice to see you here, thanks for stopping by

@Darcy..Big Thanks as always.. I think you are one of the most helpful people I know

@Lina. I am not sure which is correct Clapotises or Clapoti..I will have to look into that and get back to you on that

@JavaJem.. I hope to make another as soon as I finish this one. I am loving it

@ Hope. Sundara is great yarn. I hope that we get to see you too!

@Sandra Singh..Thank you for giving us the idea to knit the clapotis

@Melody,,, good luck,, I think you will like it

@Loren G... I do hope to get lots of wear from it

@Beverly.. you wouldn't believe how I ruined some expensive yarn because of tangles:(

@Iron Needles... thanks for the advice I will use it for next time

@Kate,,, it only looks like I am getting things done.. I really have so much more to do

@Ceci...Here I thought we were the only ones who hadn't done a clap. There is a KAL on Ravely on Sandra Singh's have a great eye.. Her yarn is a yellowy color. Like you, my sister is also the queen of getting tangles out...infact you loves doing it.. I always enjoy seeing what's going on with you and your kids:)

@Chelette...I hear a rumor that you are not doing the baby blanket project that was due in lest than 10 days... Good for you sis..It a lot of work and some people are really not Knit Worthy. Make it a smaller project like booties & a hat

Daisymum said...

Thanks for the plug on my websites. Your clapotis is very pretty!!!

dacg said...

Hi CiCi, just want to thank you for being the 1st to comment on my blog. My daughter works in DC. I do miss it. It's very busy & exciting today and all week.
I enjoy your blog, learned alot.

I do love [ravelry]..

Lynlee said...

But that Sundara is worth it, isn't it? Can't wait to see the FO!