Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Good Cause

This is about a great cause for a needy little boy.. You can read about it here. His name is Dylan. Please help if you can.. There are lots of prized to be won... I am interested in the wollmeise. I have wanted some forever. I think I missed my chance to get some at Stitches last year. I saw everyone that had some and I did not even know that it was available for purchase until after wards. I have tried the Loopy Ewe, but I can't click the refresh button fast enough apparently. So maybe I will get lucky and win some. It looks like that's my only option at this point. There is a long list of delicious yarn as prizes.. so go and see what you can win. If you pay with paypal, be sure and tell them you heard it here first(more points yay)
The raffle ends on February 7th,,, so time is running out.


lizzzknits said...

I have never tried Wollmeise either, but it has such a mythic reputation. It is a little pricy for my taste...for socks.

Blogging is so great for discovering other people's blogs around the country and the world.

Looks like we share similar taste in books and politics!

dacg said...

I am so enjoying your blog. My daughter lives in Arlington...I sent your blog for her to read. Still working on the attempt of socks. Praise be I get it.

Looked you up on are fun.

dacg said...

CiCi...thank you for the information. I am new at this blogging but I went to Peace Soup & donated & let her know I came through you & put her on my blog.


Judy said...

This is a great cause. Btw, the photo of the Mrs. Beetons that you commented on, was taken without a flash in front of a window. It also was the first time I used the setting on my camera for shooting up close shots! Thanks for noticing.