Friday, February 13, 2009

Catching Up

I am going to use this post to catch up on a few things that we have been meaning to get out. Is it me or does it seem like this year is speeding along. We are halfway through February already. I have been meaning to post, but seems like time just gets away from me. I have been working on my Clapotis now since Jan 1.

I am a little more than halfway. I really enjoy knitting it and I am happy with the progress. I love knitting with the Sundara yarn. I plan to do another one when I finish, but with thicker yarn and bigger needles. It's a fun pattern and easy to follow. I love dropping the stitches. Chelette has since finished hers. I have also completed three hats. 2 Porom and one 1. Serapo. Chelette has completed 5 hats too (2 Porom, 1 Serapo, 1 Spiral Rib, 1 Star Crossed Beret)

I miss knitting socks, I have a few that are still on the needles and need to be completed. Chelette is ringing circles around me completing socks these days.

I was happy to get a new blog design, but I don't know the first thing about how to make changes. I am afraid that if I change something and it doesn't turn out, I won't know how to fix it back. If someone can tell me how you get large pictures to post I would be appreciative.I won a contest..

"When will I run out of yarn". Thank you!!!! Mary over at Snit n' Knit for the lovely Classic Elite yarns Fresco and Classic one Fifty. That was fun. She has a lovely blog and I enjoy reading her happening in NYC. Go pay her a visit.

My sister Nerry has been doing a great job so far with learning how to knit, but now she has taken on a large project. Her son who just got married a few months ago is expecting his first child in June and she wants to make the baby a blanket. It has taken sometime for her to finally pick out the right pattern. Now she is well on her way after about 5 attempts. I hope this last one is the final one. Wednesday we helped her get it started and this time we decided to make it all garter stitch. How can you go wrong with knit every row. She has 5 colors to make it more interesting. I am excited that she is willing to take on this big project and that it will be an awesome present for her son and grand baby.

I have one more month to pay for my car. It seems now it decides to act up. Weird things have been happening to it. I am praying that it will last at least another 5 years, never mind the fact that it has over 130k miles and that I travel over 120miles a day.

Last week Chelette's office got a King Cake from a client. I had heard about this from some blog friends, Patrice and Adrienne to be exact. They were talking about it on twitter. I had never heard about it. I didn't get a chance to taste it but I hear it's soooo good. Chelette got some pictures and it looks like Kevin became the King for a day. I heard Cynthia from Acynfulmind mention this on her podcast yesterday. I am always a bit late to the game. Apparently it's very popular.

Our yarn clubs have been coming in and the yarns are lovely. Neighborhood Fibers, Sundara, Cables and Lace, and StitchDC’s Stash Club

Because of our baby sis Nerry,,, there is has much activity on Facebook lately. Another thing to suck your time away. It's fun to see what's going on with folks.

I managed to do some beading while watching a movie last week. I love beading because you can finish it a lot quicker than knitting. I have bought a kit to start a crewel embroidery project. That's all I'll say about that as if I need another hobby.

I did a test knit project for AmyO 2 weeks ago. It was fun and easy to complete. It’s called the Cosmopolitan Cowl.

I am enjoying my podcast lately. My newest is Dr Gemma at Cogknitive. She talks and blathers about really good informative psychological stuff, and give good strategies for life. She also talks about what's on her needles at the time. Cognitive psychology is a mental process that shows how people think, perceive, remember and learn. She helps you internalize with problem solving that you can use in your everyday life. There is a ravelry Cogknitve group that you can join as well.

I have been eating only organic meats lately. They taste so much better and I know they are healthier. I can't give up meat. I did that back in the day and the first time I went to my mom’s house for a Sunday dinner and smelled fried chicken cooking that was the end of being a vegetarian for me.

I have been obsessed with making Red Velvet Cake. I am finally satisfied with the recipe. It is so delicious and I make it gluten-free. You can hardly taste the difference. I even made gluten-free banana nut bread that taste pretty good. Next I want to try Carrot Cake gluten free.

A few days ago I dreamed about yarn and a pattern. … have yall done that before? It was this awesome entrelac vest and I think it was in noro. I want to make one soon while it's still fresh in my mind.

My new friend Darcy is home recovering from surgery and I hope you feel better soon girl!! big ((hugs to you))..You are in my thoughts. Oh and Happy Anniversary to you and hubby.

I also want some woolmeise........... soooo bad... Does anybody know where I can get some? I haven't a clue, except for the yarn club and that is way outta my price range.

One more question.. Yall know I am old, but I was thinking about this yesterday,,, what do the young people say to each other when they want to ask someone will you be my boyfriend or girlfriend?? Back in my day we use to say..." Will you go with me??" Surely they don't say that any more do they?? What's the updated version these days.. Curious minds wanna know..

Here is my granddaughter Kayla and her great auntie Avis. I just love this picture and thought it was a good one for Valentines Day since she has on pink(Kayla hates pink)

kay and avis
So I will end it with a Happy Valentines Day to all of you. Give someone you love a big hug and kiss.

eta... I figured out how to post a larger picture than blogger allows... all you have to do is go to your flickr and in sizes copy the html from that... pretty easy,,, it only took me a year to figure it out..


urbanknitrix said...

Wow you been busy. My daughter hates pink as well. Great Auntie Avis looks too cute.

Virtuous said...

Whoa! Now that was an update!

Yah!! @ car almost paid off. Gurl put it in God's hands it all works out!

Can't wait to see the test knit cowl you finished

And hope you get back to sock knitting soon.

I have been in a craze over Red Velvet cake too, and ended having my boss make some Red Velvet Cake Balls that "I" was supposed to be doing! LOL

I've heard of King Cake too! But tell Chelette to stay away from the baby! ;op

I've been coveting woolmeise for a long time too, but it is so hard to come by! I got over it Haha!

Happy Love Day!! Hope it is filled with fun and laughter!! :oD

jdees said...

Wow, to Chris, Chelette and Nerry for your knitting talent. Well this sistah is good at wearing knitted socks and showing off your craft to friends and co-workers. Yes, I even wore them to work. I can also add my precious socks wash well also. Please let me know if you have other items needing to be worn. I also love the picture of Kayla and her great auntie; did you notice where it was taken. Does she hate the painted wall also. I do not think of that color as pink. Chris and Lett your picture on your blog looks great (even with Chris frowning)Love to all of you. Happy Valentine's Day love Judy (the 4th sistah)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

How do you make a line through words? also ebay sells wollmeise

Shortly said...

Good luck with the Woolmiese, I hear it's sooo hard to get your hands on!

dacg said...

CiCi, thanks for the comments on my Blog. It's amazing how many people are afraid to leave one.
My son in law gets a King cake every yr. from his Mom in Miss. And I want the Red Velvet recipe as my daughter has Celiac's.
Have a great week...


Iron Needles said...

I love that photo of the grand-daughter and the great aunt. I am a sucker for that kind of thing.

Beverly said...

My, my you are a busy, busy girl. Thanks for the update.

Glad you figured that picture thing out. I use it on Ravelry all the time.

Love the picture of your auntie and granddaughter. Makes me think of my grandma.

Anonymous said...

You are a busy gal!!! Your daughter is adorable. Thanks for the kind comment :)