Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 on Tuesday

Okay, today is Tuesday and I thought I would surprise my sister and do the Ten on Tuesday. We all know she keeps this blog going -- so today I am going to help her out with the "Ten on Tuesday." I liked what today's Ten on Tuesday is and I thought it would be great for me to give you the 10 Words that Describe my sister, CiCi!

1. Peaceful
2. Friendly
3. Lovable
4. Crazy
5. Forgetful
6. Cool
7. Funny
8. Interesting
9. Creative
10. Serene

So there you have it.. She is a great SISTER......

BTW, thanks for all the birthday shout outs and well wishes. We had a great SISTER's getaway this past weekend and there are plenty of pictures. Here is one of my favorites.


cici said...

aHHH What a surprise to see you posting with the 10 on Tuesday. I actually just signed on to post these.. You beat me to the punch....uhhhh I think you summed me up nicely.. Can I change the Forgetful to Unforgettable..hehehe
Thanks a bunch sis..(yes I am at home sick today)and Yes it was a fabulous weekend together. I am sure we will be talking about it for a long time. It's great to have sisters♥♥

Ria said...

That was a great summary for you to do on your sister... I really love that picture- hope someone's framing it!

gold said...

That was so sweet! :)

Lechelle said...

Nice picture of you all!


Happy Birthday!!!

Kathy said...

You all look fanstastic. I love the yellow on you. I'm right behind you with the Fifty and don't mind a bit. Happy to be well and enjoying life

Beverly said...

You all are beautiful. I hit the big 50 next year and I am so ready.

cici said...

Thanks all, it was a fabulous trip. I am thankful that I had the opportunity. My sistahs Rock♥♥

Beate said...

You all look so great.

Anonymous said...
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