Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone.. Well this week is a easy one. I love shopping and to list some of my favorite places is a pleasure♥

1. Any Yarn Shop ( I love fiber and all things related to it)
2. Whole Foods Market ( My favorite grocery store, although I know why sometimes they call it Whole Paycheck)
3. T.J. Maxx (always has bargin namebrands )
4. Southern Seasoning in Chapel Hill. N.C. ( this is the ultimate in gourmet shopping)
5. Rugged Wearhouse ( sometimes you get lucky here and find real bargins)
6. Wegmans ( one of my newest grocery store finds)
7. R.E.I (Fun place to look for anything sports)
8. Nordstrom (Best return policy you can find)
9. Costco (great prices and bulk sizes)
10.Borders Books( no explanation necessary)

Have a great week !


urbanknitrix said...

Girl Whole Paycheck is correct, but I still give it up. LOL.

I love all the stores you named, however, I didn't know Rugged Warehouse was still out.

Trillian42 said...

*sigh* I wish we had a Wegman's nearby. Such an awesome store.

Chelette said...

Shoppingggggggggg-- now you know that is our thing. Love to SHOP, we always joke that we will be with our walkers at the MALL. Okay, but you left off LORD AND TAYLOR you know that is one of my favorites. Also gotta love TARGET -- think I might check them out at lunch time today.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Any yarn shop and all book stores sound wonderful:)Hugs Darcy

cici said...

@urban...I agree, it's expensive, but oh so worth it.. that's why I try not to go to often. It's helps that's it's not in my neighborhood

@Trillian..Girl.. Wegmans are popping up everywhere. I usually shop the one in Dale City,, but in June one is opening up in Fredericksburg...YAY!

@Chelette,,, yes I didn't put L&T and Target on the list.. They are a given... I think I could make another list of 10 favorites places easily.. Does that say much about me...hehee..

@Darcy..Yarn and books,,, what a great combination.. I could probably list 10 Yarns Stores that are my favorite♥

Ria said...

great list! although I have never heard of Rugged Wearhouse,
there are Wegmans in central/south Jersey but the closest one is a bit over an hour from me(live in serious north Jersey) I've been to Wegmans maybe 3 times :( There was a rumor one would open 15 minutes away, but it never panned out.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Very nice ! The only one I had never heard of is Wegmans.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Happy Birthday Cici.Hugs Darcy

Loren said...

I love all of them and that is why I am poor on payday, except for rugged warehouse. Do they have a website? Opps, there goes some more of the paycheck if they have what I like. I am suppose to be saving for the next 2 years to purchase a summer house in South Carolina and I do not know how I can do that with so many interesting stores. There are 2 Wegman's, as well as Whole Foods and Costco and I live within driving distance of everything in Delaware. REI is right down the street from my worksite, as well as, B&N bookstore. What's a consumer to do!!!!