Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Better late than never..

10 Favorite cities

1. Frankfurt, Germany

2. Chicago, Illinois

3. Austin, Texas

4. Rio De Janerio, Brasil

5. Sedona, Arizona

6. New York City, New York

7. Atlanta, Georgia

8. Orlando, Florida

9. Chapel Hill, North Carolina

10. São Paulo, Brazil

What are you favorite cities??
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Rhonda said...

Great cities! A couple are on my wish list...oh to find the time to travel everywhere I want to go!

Lechelle said...

You have been to some GREAT places! I would love to go to Brazil.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in 2 of those (Sao Paulo, Brazil - born and raised - and NYC - live here now!) and I have to agree that they are one of the top 10 cities for me too!

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

@Rhonda... traveling is one of my favorite things to do

@Lechelle..I am very thankful that I was able to go to brasil. I hope to get back there next year

@Photknitdog.. Voce brasilera?? Legal♥ You lucky girl. Beautiful country and beautiful people

Ria said...

i love Austin! One of my favorite cities - I always try to get there when I'm visiting TX. And NYC is 30-45 minutes away (without traffic issues) so I think I take it for granted.

Anonymous said...

Chicago is da bomb! I love, love, love me some Windy City. :o)

Anna said...

hooray for chapel hill! i am a native north carolinian and tar heel so i was glad to see that one up there with new york and brazil :)

Judy said...

Ooh, I see that Austin,TX is on your list of favortie cities! Well, if you ever visit again, let me know, and I'll take you to all of the area yarn shops!

Anonymous said...
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