Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 19...Thinking Thursday

Thinking.....only because I have so much going around in my head right now. The main thing I'm thinking is where is all the time going. It literally is moving like the flash of an eye. It's beyond me how we got to November already.. Doesn't it seem like it was just summer?? I am sure yall are getting tired of hearing this from me. I must mention it every chance I get.
So hear we go with some random thoughts, I'm getting good at this LOL♥

How can it be there is only a month left before Christmas?? Every year I go through the same thing. I waited to late to get time off from work for the holidays. One of these days I am going to be on top of my game and put my leave in early.

I have so many favorite things right now. Let's see.... I love my wireless mouse. I never knew it would be so easy. I think the laptop is growing on me. I am even getting use to this 17 in screen. And this new Windows Home 7 Premium. It seems so much easier than XP. Who knows maybe next I'll be ready for a mac book. lol.

My other new favorite thing is my blue tooth. Plantronics H390. Mind you, I have tried upteen bluetooths and this one is the first one I am satisfied with. You can still hear with it on your ear. It doesn't give you that stuffed ear sound. I don't like wearing it when I'm not talking. It bugs me to have it in my ear, if i'm not on a call. Kinda feels like an ear plug.

Did I tell yall that my Gluten Free Red Velvet Cake and Carrot Cake turned out excellent. I have decided that the cupcakes and sheet cake are easiest. And the 3 layers work better than the 2.

With all the excitement of having a new grandchild. I'm crazy thinking of patterns. I have narrowed it down to a few though. I'll save that for another post. I am open for suggestions if anyone has any that they are head over heels about, but easy. I ♥ easy.

Confession time. I am discovering that I can be a shopaholic. Last night I looked at 50 pages of Laptop bags. In all those thousands of bags, I only liked 4 or 5. Who knew you could get a laptop bag in Ostrich Leather for $998. I didn't know it was going to be so hard to find one for this 17 inch. How about, my favorite one is Vera Bradley and it just isn't quite big enough. I like it so much I am willing to return the laptop and get a 14 or 15 just so I can get the Vera Bradley cover. I am trying to talk myself out of this. Surely I can find a messenger bag and get a nice sleeve that fits inside of the bag.

I'll end this with a few of my favorite You Know your a Dork When... Which one are you??

" You Know you're a Yarn/Knit/Crochet Dork When"

....When you buy a bigger “bag” so that you can carry more than one project with you at the time

...You are seriously considering adding to your stash when it already fills three huge Rubbermaid boxes.

...when you show up for all meetings 15-30 minutes early on purpose so you can knit.

...You come across yarn you don’t remember buying

...When you finally get the sample of yarn you’ve been waiting for, and you are so overcome with excitement and joy that you start jumping up and down while squealing as your 9 yr. old says, “Mama, you really don’t have a life.” get excited about knitting apps on your BB

...When you are at a funeral, not knitting, and your family asks if you are okay.

...When you count up the hours you knit a week and it is more than your full-time job AND you complain you don’t have enough time to knit because of said job.

...When it never occurs to you to use the “notes” feature on your iPod until you realize that you have a very long car ride coming up tomorrow morning and no patterns ready to go.

..When you play hookie from work just to stay home and knit…

…when instead of putting clothes in your drawers, you stash all your
yarn there to keep it extra close to you at night…. :-)

...When you need to replace a flat tire and you tell the guys at the tire store that
the bags of yarn and thrift store sweaters you’ve been meaning to unravel that
are crammed into the trunk are stuff you were going to drop off at The Salvation Army

….when you cut your hand and you scream in agony…not the pain but the
new challenge of crocheting with the injury.

…when you knit on your sock while you’re in the returns line at Costco.
And there’s only one person in line in front of you.

I think this could go on forever. If you can add to this list I'd love to hear your dork story♥

Happy Knitting♥


LaBean said...

I can definitely feel you on the 17in laptop. I've rarely taken it out of the home but when I wanted to I had a time of finding something convenient to put it in. Larger backpacks cost more than I'm willing to spend. My big issue though, was finding a longer-lasting battery for it. I learned too late, that unlike the 15" ones that can use a 12cell battery(as opposed to the regular 6cell) there's no 16 cell for the larger ones. Sigh. Oh well. But I love the larger screen. Not sure if I would trade it if I could.

Trillian42 said...

Have you checked Tom Bihn for laptop bags? They make EXCELLENT bags, and they even make a knitting bag, too! That's the company that collaborated with Knitty on the bag they called the Swift.

cici said...

@ LaBean,, I have a 9cell battery. I think that's why it's heavy 9lbs. I am going to decide in a few days if I want to keep it or not

@TRillian.. This is what I love most about blogging. I can ask for help and get it YAY! Going to check out Tom Bihn right now♥ Thanks

Libby said...

You'll find the perfect bag soon. Once you get 17", you can't go back. I dream of a Macbook one day.

Virtuous said...

Those were hilarious! :)