Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 22....Happy Sunday

I woke up this morning around 5:30 am in a frantic frenzy. Running around the house, scuffling to get myself in the shower get my bags together to load the car, grab a bite to eat and get out the door so that I wouldn't be late for work.. WORK ??WORK??... OMG... Today is Sunday... I can't believe I thought it was Monday. Thank God it's SUNDAY!!. I must have been in the twilight zone. I think this is what happens when you work to much without days off. This was my first weekend off in a long time..yeah I know I was off work last week, but that doesnt count..

Yesterday we had another fabulous Knitting day. We went to Fibre Space to catch Miss Bab's. The store was packed with her yarn. I couldn't decid on a favorite. She even has cashmere roving. I know I don't spin but it sure is tempting. Mighty soft♥

Then we were lucky enough to be right down the street from Hank's Oyster Bar. You know I can't pass up Fried Oysters.. They were sooooo good.

Then it was off to Accokeek to hang out at Thella's house for a craft get together. Cheryl brought along her sewing matchine. Arthella had already cut out the project bags. We were on a mission. Cheryl had her Noni bag to work on. Chelette had her Cable Wrap and I had my Lace Stole. Before you knew it hours went by. We did complete one project bag. It was fun to get patterns and knitting supplies organized. We are already trying to plan when we can do this again♥

You are welcome to view more photos here


LaBean said...

Craft gatherings. My favorite kind. I need to get on my sewing machine too. Thanx for the reminder!! Don't feel too bad though. One time I got up and went all the way to work, on my day off.

cici said...

@Labean..Yes it more more when 2 or more are gathered♥.. ROFL.. all the way to work... omg.. did you leave and go home or stay at work.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Very nice photos. Looks like you've been livin' it up !

Libby said...

Waking up in a frenzy is no fun. That happens to me sometimes on Saturdays. I panic because I think I'm late for work and then I stop and think, roll over and go back to sleep!

Craft days are wonderful! I think I need to organize one of those soon. I usually craft by myself.