Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 on Tuesday

10 Great Things About the Holidays

1. Getting together with Family..this year will be especially grand because of our new family members Jeanette and Lil Marc

2. Having time off work... well atleast I get Christmas and New Years Day

3. receiving presents... not really exspecting that many since I have shortened my list

4. Decorating the Christmas Tree... A live tree is a must in our household(although I have found the best smelling candle that smells better than a real tree)

5. Egg Nog...this is the only time of the year I drink it. I hear StarBucks has one

6. Oysters... Well I guess by now everyone knows oysters are my favorite

7. More Church Services.. Love going to Church during the holidays

8. Buying presents...My list this year is shorter

9. Driving around to see Christmas Decorations...my mom and Kayla really enjoys this every year.

10. oh my, those 9 were easy. Now at 1o i'm blank.. let's see how about
Giving Thanks! and counting my Blessings♥


Don said...

My list is short(er) as well. It's too hard out here to buy all those toys for my smaller relatives and I know they will only break them before New Years Day.

I digress. LOL.

Family is always good. I agree. I love fried Oysters. Only my aunt cooks them, though. Giving Thanks...definitely.

dacg said...

Thanks CiCi for the engouragement.
Some family health issues ( my 7yr. old grandchild), Very scary.

I love to read your your blog. We also have snow but it is very Blzzardly here today.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I'm knitting all the presents this year which means my arms and hands are tired but I'm keeping up my momentum because I dont have money but I have yarrnnn.((((Hugging You)))Darcy

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Very nice !!! Always liked it but I'm loving your blog these days !