Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Here I go agin. I couldn't pass up this weeks Ten on Tuesday because it's an easy one

10 Things You Want, but Wouldn't Buy for Yourself'

1. Jaguar with chauffeur..really setting my sites high huh/

2. Trip to Germany...still dreaming about that trip to Wollmeise

3. Plastic Surgery... I need a all over. Head to toe

4. New house...cause right now I'm renting

5. Personal Body Trainer...that's for after the makeover, I'll need to keep it up

6. The Mentalist 1st Seaon on dvd...well I have been eyeing it but not willing to spend 45 dollars.

7. Bed with the sleep number ....You know that one you see on TV commercials

8. John Hardy Bracelet....Been eyeing these to, but way outta my price range

9. 52 in TV.. I don't even know what you call them now. HD somethin' I wouldn't even have place to put it lol

10. A Family Cruise Reunion...wouldn't this be grand♥ me and my family on a cruise I would probably need for at least 50 people

I think I made my own rules for this 10, You can see I choose all the things I want but couldn't afford at this time♥

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


Rebecca Roberts said...

Skip the sleep # bed- overrated. But the cruise??? - Now you are talkin'!

flyngmunky said...

Ooooh! Cici's favorite things. Now does the audience get all this stuff?

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Sleep would be first for me:) Hugs Darcy