Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Storm/ New Blogger

Hello all. Here on the east coast we experienced a major winter storm this past weekend. It is probably the worst I've seen since 2003. Its the snowiest December on record for DC. Nearly 2 feet of snow has piled up in MD/DC/VA.

It sure looks like a lot of folks have gotten their wish for a white Christmas. The federal government in DC was also closed today. So you know it must be bad. I know a lot of kids are happy for no school and Christmas being only a few days away, it's like a child's dream come true.

I would like t0 welcome to the blogging world a very good friend of mine. Her name is Cheryl. She has been featured here a few times. She just started her very first blog. Take a minute to go check her out. She has some beautiful and inspiring words. She is a new knitter and long time writer. Welcome Cheryl!!! I am so happy you have decided to join the world of blogging♥ I know you won't regret it♥

This past weekend with all the snow. I was able to get some knitting in. My daughter and I sat around all day on Sunday and had a knitting good time. My daughter was able to complete the Cherry Garcia Cowl. I continued to work on my Autumn Vines Stole and do the fabulous Jeny's stretchy bind-off for the Diagonal Lace koigu socks that I finished a couple of months ago. I had taken them a loose because I thought the bind-off was too tight. So now they turned out just perfect. I am loving this bind off♥ and will use it every time for toe up socks.

Chelette was also very busy knitting this past weekend. She completed the Marsan Watchcap for a friend of her daughter's. It turmed out really well. Photos to come soon.


Beverly said...

Don't you just love a snow day!! I saw that there's another coming your way. Have a Merry Christmas and stay safe and warm.

Bev Love said...

Now that Stole is just gorgeous. I have some new yarn I think would look great in that pattern. I need another knit-cation.