Saturday, July 17, 2010

☼ Happy Summer ☼

Hello Everyone. Yes we are alive and well. The summer is moving right along. I just wanted to let everyone know that we haven't forgotten about this blog. It has just not been a priority of late. We have been busy knitting and busy with life. We had a graduation, two Birthday's(mine and Chelette's) and a vacation since our last post. There has been knitting going on as well, just not as fast as we would like. We have decided we have to stop buying yarn and start knitting more♥(sounds good anyway) We are doing a KAL for the Everyway wrap, I am also working on Spring Foward socks in Woolmeise(Zenzi) and Chelette is working on another Rusted Root.

This has already started to be one of the hottest year's on record, not just here on the east coast but all over the Globe, India, Australia, Brazil, Eastern Europe and Asia. So we are trying our best to stay as cool as possible. We finally got some rain on Saturday. The grasses and plants could sure use it. It has started to rain just now as I am writing this post. YaY!

Last Thursday we made our first visit to The Manning's in Bristol Pennsylvania. Only about 2 hours away. We went up early in the morning. Our good friends Jana and Diane are going to be leaving the area, so we thought this would be a great way to spend time together before they leave us. We made a stop at The Woolstock Yarn Shop in Glyndon, Md on the way home. It is a cute shop with lots of yarn and they carry a large selection of koigu. The highlight of our trip was Sydney's Restaurant, located right down the road from The Manning's. The food was gourmet and quite delicious. Definitely worth the trip.

Okay not to much at once here. I will tell you that we are having a blogiversay coming up soon and there will be giveaways(Woolmeise) so stay tuned about that in a up coming post. We decided that our yarn stash is starting to get out of hand, so why not share it ♥ Happy Summer~

this picture is minus me (cici) and Jana

Every one wanted to play with the spindles

This was my dessert from Sydney's

I was able to capture this awesome butterfly on the
grounds of the Manning's

Then on Wednesday night's sit and knit, we had a going away party for our good friend Jana(FlyngMunky). She has a shop on Etsy, she spins and dye the most beautiful yarn. Go check her out. She does some amazing work♥ She will be relocating to the Atlanta Georgia area. We will miss her. Good Luck Jana!!! We know you will be back♥
As always there are move photos on Flickr
that you can check out.
Have a great week. I hope you get to do something you Love♥

Update: I just found out that Carol over @ Meir Cat, Chats and Fiber video taped a portion of our Sit and Knit Celebration. She has a very cool blog that warrants checking out. I always look forward to reading and seeing what she is up to, whether it's about her crochet skills, or her 3 adorable cats, Jake, Maus & Moshe'. She has a great sense of humor and is the best writer I know♥


Libby said...

Welcome back to the blogworld! lol Looks like you both have been having a wonderful time. Looking forward to seeing those completed projects in due time. :-)

Barbara said...

Just found your blog and am looking forward to more posts, learning to knit and enjoyed your writing, and sense of family. Thank you.

Beverly said...

Always good to here from you ladies. Seems like you all have been having a wonderful summer. I'm also trying to cut down on yarn purchases. Especially after the Stitches haul.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Yeah, you two have returned ! I see you had a great time on your road trip and that dessert is lovely !

CHo Meir said...

ya eat the most interesting looking stuff...

Sheila said...

Happy Summer to you too and Happy Belated Birthday. Looks like fun was had by all and your dessert looks interesting and I'm sure it was delicious.

Liz said...

I just love The Mannings. That's where I bought the yarn for the fair isle sweater I made. It's on Ravelry. A girl could go mad in that store! Liz

flyngmunky said...

I miss you all soooo much!

Chelette said...

Awwww. we had a ball at The Manning's. It was a great way to spend a summer afternoon. I enjoyed Sydneys too and the shops we visited on our way out.

Big ups to Dianne for making our trip to woolstock work.

Sister your pics are awesome, you are such a great photographer.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Thankyou for your prayers my friend it means alot to me.
Getting the girls ready for school and knitting the Summer Flies Shawl.Hugs Darcy

Liz said...

Hey! You enabler! Thanks for the info on the new yarn shop near Duppont Circle! Now, I suppose I have no excuse not to be able to buy yarn or needles or patterns.