Saturday, July 21, 2007

Have you Ever?

I was reading CrimsonPurl`s blog and found this......

~ Have U Ever got a ticket for DWK? You say what the heck is that? Driving While Knitting! :o) Okay maybe not a ticket, but caught? Did it?

I actually did it for the first time in rush hour traffic going 30 mph...okay it was 40 mph. Hey! This will not be a regular activity! It just dawned on me while I was doing it that I never did it before, but heard other folks talk about doing it (i.e. stuck on a bridge, at a light, etc.)....but I guess that was while there was no movement? Hahaha *please do not try this at home/on the road!* LOL

~ Have U Ever knitted a mistake and knew it but kept it moving? :op Hahaha!

If it is a certain number of stitches I need I just "make it" work out later (either decrease or increase! haha!)

~ Have U Ever purchased a knitting book in a store and decided when you got home that you really didn't like it and took it back to exchange it for a different knitting book? I did a couple of weeks ago! :oD (Hence the Weekend Knitting book haha!) Hey!! I am now a satisfied customer!

~ Have U Ever lost one of your own special homemade stitchmarkers and looked for it everywhere like you couldn't make another one? LOL

~ Have U Ever made plans or had the intention to knit for a certain block of time, but instead got sucked in by reading blogs (that you were just going to check "real quick") and started blogging yourself too! :op
(I can't imagine what will happen to me when I am Ravelry! LOL)

~ Have U Ever used a row counter, and several rows later realized that you forgot to keep clicking it! Hahaha!

~ Have U Ever came all prepared to knit with a group and realized you had left all of your notions?!? Thankfully someone else was smart enough to bring their notion bag/box and let you use their scissors or tapestry needle! LOL

They say it is "good knitting karma" when you give another knitter in need a stitchmarker. :o) That is just a little something I heard while in my fav LYS awhile back!

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