Saturday, July 28, 2007

Without Me

I wanted to mark this date, because Caj is in New York City this weekend, and she is going to visit some Yarns Stores there. She is also going to see a play, but the important thing she will be checking out some ,,,She got the low down from, I can`t believe I`m missing it.. I hope she takes lots of pictures and I hope she brings back some kuiogu. In the meantime I am working on my first magic loop sock and helping Isha with her second sock. Thank God I got off work today. I plan to enjoy my weekend doing as little as possible. This working six days is for the birds. I tried to watch Harry Potter Goblet of Fire,,, but I was asleep about halfway through. I should be sleeping now, but this is my automatic wake up time.. but guess what,,, I will be going back to bed. i had some other things that I thought were noteworthy, but of course I can`t think of them now, One is that I got the new book by Nancy Bush on socks, It is a really well explained book with lots of pictures. I am doing my first short row heel, so I think the book explains it enough so that I get it. I will have to start carrying around with my a small notebook so that I can write down these random thought so that I can keep track. Especially any blog worthy thing I want to share. Right now I am thinking of so many questions that I have about socks... for instance, How many stitches it takes to make your basic sock and exactly how much yarn is needed... things like that. Okay... enough for now,, I am off to get some more SLEEP.

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