Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not giving Up

Okay, so I am about to give up on this Magic Loop. I started off pretty good. I figured it all out, and then I came to the heel. I was suppose to do the short row heel, but for some reason I miscounted and I have 56 stitches instead of 72. I got this far with the help of Nenah, her video helped me, but I still had some difficulty figuring it all out, then I wasn't sure if I could, so I put it down and worked on my other socks. Now I have finished that pair. So it's time to decide what to do, do I do the regular heel or try "this new to me" short row heel. I could not figure out which way to go or which needle I was suppose to use. I took it off the magic loop and put it on two circulars. Now they are separted and perhaps I can put them back on when I finish the heel that I know how to do. Oh and I forget to add that when I turned the heels, I was off center, so.. what did I do..... I kept going.... So now I am also not happy with this off centered heel and I need to RIPPPPPPPP..... back to the heel flap and do the heel turn over. I am just not happy with it this way. It will be good practice for me too.. I will post a picture of it here. Posted by ceci

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