Sunday, August 19, 2007

"A Sock for all Seasons" -- Dilemma

It is here... our sock of the month club. The contents of the package are great! The Sock pattern is Falling Lace designed by Rachel De Nys -- The Yarn: "Anne - Autumn Spice" from Schaefer Yarn Co. (560 yards). The pattern is out of this world 216 ROWS all of the odd rows are the same with 7 stitches in the pattern. The lace panel is 17 stitches in the pattern, yes I said 17 stitches.. now picture me keeping up with that.. oh my goodness 17 stitches.. we will truly be using a pen and paper. Okay so here is our dilemma... how can me and CiCi share this.. we must and I say again must get another Membership.. I am excited -- CiCi call me - we need to talk!

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cici said...

Wow... how exciting... Our first sock club... I never thought about the fact that we would only receive one skein of yarn... But that's okay,,, I can get the next shipment. I am not sure about the difficulty of the pattern..But I am willing to give it a good