Saturday, December 22, 2007

HAPPY 50th Birthday MR. RINDO

We celebrated Rindo's birthday on Thursday, December 20th. His day started with a staff meeting which was of course a Surprise Birthday meeting at work. I will have to get a few of those pictures.. Then Laurin decided to surprise him later in the day with a bouquet of balloons at work . As the day went on he received lots of birthday wishes. He said as people would ask "how does it feel to be 50"? his response was "I just got here" Here are a few pics from the day.

This was probably his best present.. Tickets to the Redskins / Dallas Game!

Rindo at work.......


cici said...

Way to go Bro!!happy Birthday!!50 looks good on you. Laurin thanks for the great pics.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh Rindo happy Bday.... I wish you happiness. I hope you are not to mad when the Redskins beat Dallas.isha

Virtuous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Rindo!

Wishing you 50 more years!

Anonymous said...

Happiness having that Passion for Life :-)
I Do, the fire continues to burn and as long as Laurin and Chelette go, I go :-)
Thank you all for Welcoming, Celebrating me in to the 50 Club.
It was and is a great ride to 50, I look to go the next half in style. AARP mania :-) :-) :-)
Go Dallas :-)
Thank you all. Laurindo Johnson