Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year

Hello All.... Well it's already January 7th 2008. Wow how time is flying.. I can hardly remember Christmas. It came and it went so fast. It seems like before you know it, it will be time to get ready for Christmas again...I wish there were more hours in the day. Part of the reason I think time is flying for me, is that so much of my time is given to work and my commute. I typically get up at 4am every day and don't get home to around 5 or 6. Thankfully this is about to end... My 130+ miles a day drive is going to be cut more than half because I will be transferring to Fairfax as soon as my paperwork is done. On purpose I have not be adding up how much gas this takes, because I know its a lot. I have to get gas every other day. So I am looking forward to less trips to the gas pump. I am also looking into possibly riding the metro to work. This would make me so happy if I could knit on the train to and from work everyday.

Well I thought it was about time to post since it's been awhile. It's not like things haven't been going on because they have. I just haven't taken the time to post. I am very happy CAJ has talked my niece into starting a blog of her own. She is 9 months pregnant and baby Lailah is due any day now.. We knew she would love blogging since she has always wanted to be a writer or news reporter, so it's exciting to see her do something she loves and at the same time we can follow the progress of our niece making her debut into the world.

On the topic of Knitting, I can only say that I am still working on the same projects I started months ago. I keep wondering how others find the time to actually complete so many things in such a short time. I am happy with my progress so far this past year. I have learned a few more skills since 2006 when I first started to knit. I love knitting and everything that goes with it.

I have made a few resolutions for 2008,
1. knit from my stash and not buy more yarn until I have completed the projects I started from last year. Unless I decided to frog, then it doesn't count as a project(thanks for this idea Sharon),
2. I will take pictures of my projects and keep track of them better on Ravelry thanks Barbara for suggesting this.
3. I would like to learn fair isle and make a sweater.
I think that's a enough for now, maybe I will add more as I go who knows.
Happy New Year Everyone!!! Let's make 2008 GREAT!


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Chelette said...

Cici, wow, 130 miles a day , I never even thought about it like that! I will be happy for you when the change comes, just think how early you will be getting home, more time for knitting -- now your catching the SUBWAY, that is a JOKE, but wishful thinking.

I love the idea of knitting from our stash, lets see if we can hold to that until MD Sheep and Wool. Well my one thought is I will have to buy NORO sock yarn if it becomes available, but then my mind tells me "Do you really think they are going to run out?" -- the addictive mind of a KNITTER..
Thanks, Sis.