Monday, July 28, 2008

.......Ravelympics 2008.....Overly Ambitious Yet Plausibly Possible

Yes thats the group that we have signed up for.. How ambitious are we you say... well already 23 have joined with us. I am hoping to finish my CPH and then see what else I can do after that. I am enjoying socks and crochet at the moment. So much to do so little time.
Thanks Caroline and Shanta for creating this team... YES WE CAN!!!
posted by Cici


Martha H said...

love the group's concept...I look forward to seeing it's progress...have fun with it!

Deb-VA said...

Was wondering what group you'd join. I'm in the Team Virginia Stars & plan to do the Bag-N-Tote Backstroke. Can I start & finish the Everything Bag in 17 days? Time will tell....... Good luck!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Ya know, I'm convinced now that I will add the CPH into my WIP Event. Here we go !!!
Oh, as of this moment, OAYPP is 31 members now.

Camille said...

When I heard from friends that Carolyn had created this team, I really wanted in but, I am not even on Ravelry yet. I may knit along even still. I really like the 2Sistah's blog.

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

@ martha h...thank you.

@Deb.. I have faith in you. Yes you can!

@camille...thanks.I hope you have signed up.

@Caroyyn...Thank you for all your hard work... Go OYAPP!!

Judy said...

Good luck in the Ravelympics! I am on 'Team Texas.'