Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Two Word and some MEME

I'm it and then its your turn .....
The object is to complete each of the following snippets. I have included the blank ones at the end of this post so they can easily be copied and pasted. You don't have to do them all....maybe whatever is calling to you to share with us.

I am: happy and truly blessed to be here on this planet right now
I think: Life is what you make it and as you think so it is
I know: that my surroundings reflects my thoughts
I have:Orange as my favorite color and LeSportsac as
favorite handbag right now
I wish: I could retire tomorrow and travel around the world
I hate: Negativity and advertisements and dropped stitches
I try: To be respectful and put myself in the other's place and treat others
as I would want to be treated
I miss: My Boys Monte and Jamar so
much oh and Brasil,, its been way to long
I fear: Time is speeding up and I wont get to do
all I want to do in this lifetime
I hear: Music all the time in my head and
my sister voice oh and Bobbie's too
I smell: Italian seasoning coming upstairs and closer to me Lemons
I crave: FOOD, I am doing a cleanse and haven't
eaten in a few days...OYSTERS I miss you
I search: and searched for the best oysters in D.C and
found them.. can't wait until i can have them again
Hanks Oyster Bar here I come
I wonder: what it will be like to go back to work
I regret: that I did go to Boulder, but happy I did go to Oregon
I love: My life, Knitting, Whole Foods, Good smelling soap, Ravelry,
Shopping, Gummy Bears, Carrot Cake, Avocados.. oh I must stop
with the food
I ache: wow.. all over,,,well that's exagerating it a bit..
since I have been off work, I only hurt minimally
I feel pretty good
I am not: going to miss Run's House again, Chelette please remind me
I believe: In possitive thinking
and That Barrac Obama will be our Next Prez
I dance: as I take the laundry out and fold them,
I am not that good of a dancer, but I can move to the beat
I sing: all day long,,.. songs and not songs,
right now it's Jack Johnson "banana Pancakes"
I cry: when I see sappy Love stories and when they take my blood
I fight: fight... i don't like fighting, against cavities maybe
I win: I win when I choose to be happy, and not so much right
I lose: when I judge and don't see the beauty in others
I never: forget to take my knitting with me
I always: try to remember to give thanks for all I have
I confuse: my left with my right a lot, think its a A.D.D. thing
I listen: to others as much as I can,, but i have this habit of cutting people off
I can usually be found: that's easy, I don't have that many
choices home, work, knitting
I am scared: i was going to say If I get another kidney stone,
but I aint claiming that, let's just say mice and Heights
I need: to be more patient, think before I speak and
get organized and excercise more
I am happy about: this being almost over,,, not true ,, it was fun
I imagine: that I am not the only person to enjoy this meme

there I did it! Now who else would like too? Consider yourself tagged

posted by Cici


Chelette said...

Okay sister if you hear my voice, did you just hear me say, YOU HAVE WAY TO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS TODAY.

love ya and loved reading your answers and love the color, oh and did I say way to much time......

C Meir said...

This is truly an interesting exercise indeed. Your answers were concise, introspective and revealing. Your perspective is hopeful, refreshing and inspiring. Metaphorically speaking, I agree with Chelette, you have too much time on your hands…

cici said...

@c meir ..well I have enjoyed this time.. and when i realized that today is friday and not thursday, I freaked just a bit. It will be ok..breathe..

Nerry said...

I LOVE my sister and I LOVE your answers. They are sooooo you. It would take me 2 weeks to answer these questions. I would think waaayyyy too hard on them.

Thanks sis!!

cici said...

Omg... its my lil sis nerry.. So good to see you checking up on us. We still got a date with some beads ok..

Pajnstl said...

I need a reminder about Runs House myself. I missed it last week, thank god for re-runs.

Carol said...

Good answers! (I love that you dance when you fold laundry!) I considered myself tagged & played, too. :-)