Saturday, August 2, 2008

Up for skateboarding

I thought this was the most amazing thing ever. Check out Tyson

In Knitting News..New online magazine: Twist Collective just launched by, Kate Gilbert (of Clapotis fame), Julia Farwell-Clay, Mary Jackson, and Irene Vandervoort.
Twist Collective is a free online magazine to bring talented designers and writers together, to give them a beautiful showcase for their work, and pay them fairly. It will be published quarterly.

And second, Patternfish, a massive new online repository of downloadable knitting patterns. Their goal is to be the Smithsonian of knitting and crochet patterns. They had 811 patterns at launch, including exclusive designs from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, Sally Melville, and Robin Melanson.

How about a preview of the brand new Knitting Daily TV show? The show started airing on select public broadcasting stations July 21st.

Posted by Cici


Carmell said...

my dog is too dumb and hard headed to do something like that!

Beverly said...

Thanks for the knitting info. This is my first time hearing about these.

C Meir said...

My Cat can do that...he just doesn't choose to.

Nik said...

Don't you just LOVE all the patterns in the collective? OMG!

Arnetta said...

I love your blog site ! So full of warmth and a wonderful sense of family. Which is so important today. You Sistah's are gorgeous, and so is your mother.

Oh ! and thank you for your encouragement about my upcoming website for large Sizes !!

Knita (on ravelry) aka Arnetta

Soo said...

Two great discoveries this week: The Twist Collective and Tyson the skateboarding dog!!

Deborah said...

wow, great info! thanks!

I'm going to miss Bernie's "I ain't scareda you!"