Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recap and Update

We managed to go to Stitches. It was good to be able to focus on other things. I am glad we went. We went on Friday for a class on Short Row Toes and another on Creative cast-ons. We learned a few new cast-on methods. I am such a visual learner and it helped to see it in action. I am not so good at interpreting what the pattern says. My favorite was the Short Row Toe class. It will make it easier to design my own socks knowing this method. We were lucky enough to have a small class. I was able to ask all my questions. She was a great teacher. We didn't get to take many pictures at stitches this year. Cameras were banned for some reason. But we did get permission from Deb's Garden, for this photo notice our hoodless CPH's? They arn't finished yet. I haven't finished my button band and Chelette hasn't finished her sleeves. We wore them regardless. I am anxious to start another.

My brother is still in my thoughts. We have the obit all done and made a Media Picture Slide show to play during the service. All other arrangements have also been made. We have relatives coming from Louisiana, Texas and Pennsylvania. My mom is still my biggest concern. Who is going to be with her during the day when we are all at work. I think she can handle herself. She probably will enjoy the peace and quiet after having a house full all week. Night hours will probably be the hardest for her. We are going to have to take turns. I enjoyed going to Mass with her on Sunday. My brother use to be the one that takes her to Church. They use to visit a different Church each week. Her favorite was the Shrine. It's my favorite too. I love to smell the incense they burn.

Well I wanted to post this earlier because this weekend was very busy. Things will probably settle down this week. Thanks to everyone for your expressions of sympathy . Loss is a hard thing but we all face it sooner or later. I hope and pray for no more funerals for awhile.
I was not able to be consistent in NabloPoMo, but I did post 11 days out of 15, not bad for my first time.

Be blessed and tell someone how much you love them today!


Jaime said...

thanks for visiting my blog. sorry for the delay in responding.... i don't have a "tried and true" red velvet cake recipe, i've actually never had one... but i bookmarked and have been wanting to try this one:


Melodye said...

It was great meeting you both at Stitches. You're both as nice in person as you are on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Laurindo sent me the photo of us at Stitches. And why isn't it posted? The nerve.

Seriously, sorry to hear about your brother. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.


Beverly said...

Sounds like you all took two really good classes at Stitches. I knit most of my socks toe-up these days using the short-row method and it has increased my creativity when designing socks.

I thinks it's cool that you both wore your CPH's anyway. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Pajnstl said...

sounds like fun @ stitches..