Tuesday, October 6, 2009

“This Blog Messes with my Senses”

THANK YOU ♥ JUDY ♥ for thinking of me. I guess I have no
excuse to not post now. I miss all my blogging buddies and reading
and catching up of what's going on. Let's hope this post is the start of
more frequent posting

These words are in Portuguese, and translate to: “This Blog Messes with my Senses”

The rules are:
1. Show the above tag in your blog.
2. Post these rules.
3. Link back to the blog that tagged you.
4. Make a list of the 5 senses and what each one represents for you.
5. Tag five other blogs, and let them know by leaving them a comment.

I can say for sure that senses are very important to me
Here's my list

1. Smell: I am a big smell person. I love to smell Chocolate
and baked cookies. I also love any natural, organic or
aromatherapy products

2. Touch: I love the feel of cashmere and it's such a
pleasure to knit with

3. Sight: I love the sight of the Ocean and any Nature
scene. I remember the first time I saw the Red
Mountains of Sedona, I fell in Love with it

4. Hearing: I would have to say Listening to the rain and thunder
would be my top.. I also remember the 1st time I saw
Niagara Falls. The sound of that water is amazing

5. Taste: MMMM when I think of taste. First thing that comes to mind is
Sorbet!! I love the taste and texture of it.. My favorite is Lemon and I can't
leave out Chocolate(dark) Now when it comes to taste I have a long
list of things I love.(can you tell FOOD is my favorite subject♥)

Thank you Judy for giving me a reason to post. I enjoyed thinking of my favorite things
Let's see who shall I TAG♥

1. KnitKnits
2. Carol
3. Tamara
4. Beate
5. Darcy

Okay Ladies, I can't wait to see what you come up with. I was lazy and didn't add
pictures like Judy did. Thanks again Judy♥


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Thankyou your so sweet and I have missed you:)Hugs Darcy
love the smell of fresh baked bread
the taste of pumpkin pie
the sound of nature
I just knit up my first skein of cashmere and it is so soft and squishy:)
I love to look at the ocean and the sunset.

Ice Princess said...

I totally agree with you I love the smell also of Freshly baked cookies and chocolate It just smells like home!!!

Judy said...

Enjoyable! I have to agree with you about Sorbet!! My favorite is orange! Yes, and I also love the smell of cookies baking in the oven. Mmm...

dacg said...

Glad to read you again..I understand not blogging but knitting...


Anonymous said...

Did Laurindo show you the pictures of the grey sweater?

Liz (Lychenheim)

Libby said...

Just found your blog today, through one of my recent followers on my blog. I'm glad that Judy sent you this award because you have a great blog! I look forward to reading more.

Love your answers!!!