Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Love New York

Lion Brand

Chelette checking out Lion Brand's window display live model

We left D.C. on Friday, October 9 on the 7:30 Bolt Bus. The weather was cool but clear and dry. We had a great ride. Our bus driver was 15 minutes late, but he made up for the time and got us there by 12pm. We were well on our way after grabbing our first taxi. We checked into the Loews Regency Hotel on Park Avenue, unloaded our bags and were on our way.

The YarnCrawl consisted on 14 stores total and we were not sure how many we would be able to get to but we planned to do our best and cover as many as possible in the 3 days. Our route was planned……

Day One

1. Gotta Knit is all about service. They will hold your hand every step of the way through a project, from ensuring that cast on edge is nice and neat, to writing a custom pattern that will be a perfect fit, to finishing seams.

2. Lion Brand. We were very impressed with this store. The color display and the layout was very well organized. Not to mention the beautiful yarns at bargain prices. There was a live model in the window display knitting and crocheting.

3. Purl SoHo. Cute little shop nestled away in the soho neighborhood. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The Koigu choices were endless.

4. Purl Patchwork This was a fabric store, with beautiful fabric for quilting.

5. School Products This was the only store that we weren't to impressed with, and not because they didn't have great yarn or prices. The store was not well organized or updated. I did see some good prices on cashmere. We just didn't expect that it would look like a bargain basement.

6. Habu Textile. We arrived at Habu right when they were closing (6 pm), but they let us look around a bit. Habu gave me the feeling of being in an art gallery. Everything in the front room was displayed low on the floor in baskets --bundles of mohair, linen, cotton, paper, and many other fibers. We will have to hit this store on our next trip because I understand they have another side to the store which we didn’t get to see with lots of unusual fibers.

Day Two
1. String - we really liked this store. Great modern layout. The yarn was displayed so nicely. No clutter at all. If you wanted yarn. They had to go in the stock room to get it for you

2. Amy Ruth’s – Yummy....what a great place for brunch --we had the best chicken and waffles. The Waffles were so light just like I used to make for my kids. The chicken was finger licking GOOD♥ Just talking about it makes my mouth water. Definitely will be a must do on my next trip up.
Amy Ruth's
3. Carol’s Daughter—cant go to NYC without stopping in this store. I love how they have added the mani/pedicure services just wish we had time to take advantage… maybe next time.

4. Knitty City. By this time all the yarn crawlers were out and the store was packed. Even though we were getting tired and feeling like it was time to call it quits, because we were getting crawled out all the excitement gave us the juice we needed to continue on.
String String

Chelette and Arthella holding on tight to their Koigu purchases!!

5. Yarntopia This was our last stop. This was a nicely decorated store with a great window display. I found some great malabrigo to make a scarf and entered to win the store's contest. By this time it was 6:45 and the store was closing at 7pm (thank goodness because we were tired and our pockets were getting empty)

We did meet some new friends during the trip that were very helpful and gave us great tips about getting around. Thanks so much Laverne, stivel and Pyra . I bought some great stitch markers from Pyra and I was her first customer.

We ended up taking 13 cabs total. The subway was having some major work and we didn't want to venture into any unknown territory. I do think all in all it wasn't that more expensive going the cab route. Next time maybe we can get some of our wonderful NYC bloggers to guide us.

We didn’t make it to Brooklyn on Sunday we decided to relax in the hotel and KNIT. We definitely would do this trip again. The Bolt Bus was great because we got to knit going and coming. What can we say NYC is a great place to visit and definitely have some very nice yarn stores. The only thing we would change next time around maybe to catch a bus or subway, but the cabs worked out just fine especially time wise. There are plenty of great pictures posted here...


Tamara said...

Wow!! You had a splendid time, by the sound of it. I'm right up the road from Carol's Daughter. I have never been in there. Too afraid of being pushed into something I don't want/can't afford. Maybe one day I'll venture in. And yes, Next time you come through I will be there to guide you if I can!

gold said...

Sounds like you all had a knitty good time! :)

urbanknitrix said...

I love the NYC buses from D.C. Looks like you ladies had a great time.

Meir Cats, Chats and Fiber said...

Chicken & Waffles, no you didn't...

Nik said...

How fun is that?!!! I'm actually jealous.
I had to giggle at the picture of Chellete and the window display. Looks like she's stalking the lady. Of course, that's my warped way of looking at things talking lol.

Sheila said...

That was an Awesome day... and jealous that I live in New York and have yet to step foot in any of the shops you visited.

cici said...

@ Tamara... Yes, I will let you be our tour guide for sure. We want to get to Brooklyn next time

@wavying:::::::hiya gold!!it was a blast

@urban..Bolt Bus was great and timely

@ Meir cats,, it was finger licking good

@Nik... girl you crack me up ROFLL

@Sheila... you are missing out for sure. I LOVE NYC.. you can find anything and everything♥

Ava said...

So much fun!!! Looks like more fun than Rhinebeck! so sorry I missed this. Where did you park your car in DC?

cici said...

@Ava no parking at all. We took the Bolt Bus and when we got into NYC, we caught cabs, 13 in all

Don said...

hey cici. hope all is well and u r still enjoying every moment.

i see u've been doing some traveling. of course i have no ideal about knitting but i do know chicken and waffles, and, i ask, is there anything better?

not hardly.

again, thank u for the sweet and inspiring words.

Virtuous said...

I am so JELLY!!! I would love to try and go with you ladies next time! Would be fun since it is already a planned trip to get all the Ebony Elite folks to piggyback on ;o)

Luv'd how you organized each day with the summary of the shops.

Great decision to stay in and knit all day in the hotel!!

Very happy that you ladies had a great time!!! Fun! Fun!!

cici said...

@ Don.. you were missed. I had folks asking ME where is DON! I guess you can't even know how many have eyes on you..Thanks for keeping it real♥

@Stacy.. girl!! it's a deal. We just have to do it. Let's start planning it soon

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love the yarn crawl wish I could go to that many yarn shops at one time;)Hugs Darcy♥

Deborah said...

Ya know, thats a shame, I live right across the river and didn't get to go!

You can plan my vacation anytime, yours sounded so amazingly wonderful!

Don said...

@ cici: wow. really...I am seriously not worthy. But I appreciate the kind words of all who showed concern. I couldn't believe my eyes once I returned and read all the comments on the UFO post.

Bless You.

cici said...

@Darcy. Yes. I think I am looking forward to doing it again. Next time we will make a bigger announcement and invite any who wants to go with us.♥

@ Don, it's all good. Thanks to the internet the world is getting smaller and smaller. Yep you know we all Luv's ya dude♥