Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 17...Ten on Tuesday

hello all. It's been a few days since I posted. The weekend was packed for me. I will post more about that tomorrow. Today I'm glad Yano made today's post easy

Ten Thing You Wish You Knew How To Do

1. I wish I knew how to knit faster

2. Swim.. I had bad expierence when I was little.. Will I ever get over it??

3. Speak Portuguese fluently

4. I wish I knew how it feels to be Free!! can't help thinking about this song.

5. Make yeast rolls... of course this is something I can't learn. But no one made them
better than my Granny... I wish I had paid closer attention while she prepared them

6. Write poetry and essays as good as my friend Don.. go check him out... Man I love reading your words

7. Spin yarn as beautiful as my friend Jana... it's beautiful and I love handspun.. Maybe I will
get to it one of these days...

8. Dance like Beyonce... This girls has moves, that everyone wishes they could have

9. Take a trip to Germany to see Claudia and touch and buy Wollmeise first hand

10. Win the Lottery and change the world... That's a loaded one isn't it♥
First I guess I would have to start playing wouldn't I. I always think ,, it only takes one to WIN. so I only buy when I feel the urge..

Okay I'm so happy to be posting this in the am.. I had plenty of sleep last night.
Have a great day!


flyngmunky said...

Cici. I can't believe you blogged me! I feel like a veritable star today. Thank you for the wonderful compliment!

HRH Princess Buttercup said...

Cici, on your way to Germany, stop in London and pick me up and we can go together!!!!!

Chelette said...
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Chelette said...

Sister, I don't know if I really want to knit faster, but def wish I had more time to knit. I do need you to win the lottery cause that would not only change the world but we would be knitting in Germany for sure.
I guess #5 is the dearest to my heart and I think we together can make the yeast rolls.. something we should definitely try wish we could do this while Judy was here because I believe she knows how. I actually have the recipe from Aunt Frances..

Don said...

Beyonce definitely be getting it. LOL. When I lived in Milwaukee I constantly bought lottery tickets, just knowing I would eventually win. I never won anything.

I was so shocked to see number 6. Thank you, Cici. I've always felt that you enjoyed my blogs. I've always felt like you possessed a similar spirit. It means alot being recognized by someone as polished as yourself.

I too had a bad experience in the deep end of a swimming pool, when I was younger. It took me awhile before I returned to the pool. But I eventually shook it off. LOL.