Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 4

Here we are into day four already. I know it's going to go by quickly. Just like this year. Is time speeding up or what! I do believe the older you get the faster times flies. I remember when I was a kid and tried to picture my life in the future. It was impossible, I couldn't even imagine my life beyond the moment I was in.

I am thankful for each and everything that has happened and wouldn't trade it for anything. Once I learned to trust and give it all to God it became easier. When you know HE'S got you, everything becomes more relaxed. I am hopefully able to now enjoy the journey more. Yeah sometimes I forget and loose it. But when I take the time to center and breathe it's like a well played out symphony. I love that!

Funny thing is I didn't know what I was going to write about today, I didn't even know IF I would write, and now that I am writing it feels good. I hope that I can continue to do this for the rest of the month, because it feels like something I need to do or maybe have needed for awhile. Creative juices flowing maybe.

I have always journaled. It has always seemed important to me to write stuff down. From the first time I had a crush on my teacher, to the last time I was depressed and greiving my brothers death. I love buying journals too, must be that shopper in me heheh. I haven't been so good at writing consistantly day by day, but now I realized that's okay for me. I have probably four journals right now that have all different entries at different times. I usually just grab which ever one is closest to me. Or whichever is the newest one I bought.

And then Blogging came along. I have enjoyed being able to capture the moments and post them. Thanks to my sister I don't think I would have started blogging. It's like the memories will be available to enjoy forever. I do feel like I haven't been able to be as free as I would like in my writing. I know that others are reading my words, so it has taken some time for me to get comfortable with knowing that what I write and post others will and do have options on. It's a continuing process for me to be able to allow others in my world. So far I am loving it and getting to know more about myself and others has been so much fun.

Well, who wouldda thought I was gonna write all this today♥ Guess some part of me wants to share with
all of you. It's like having an extended family globally. I get to write and yall get to read, how cool is that.

I would like to know if any of you bloggers out there feel that there is more that you want to share and haven't been able to for what ever reason with the rest of the world. I guess the question is, how personal do we get with blogging?? I guess I'm asking myself this question to as I explore my own desire to write and share with others.
Have a fabous Day♥


Nerry said...

Hey Sis!! I think this is one of your best posts yet. I feel you regarding Father Time. I just can't seem to catch up. I tell Kelz all the time slow down and enjoy your youth. It will be gone before you know it. Much Love!

Libby said...

I have found that I enjoy blogging also. When I first heard of blogging, I thought I wouldn't have anything to say or anything to say that people would want to read. I don't have hundreds of followers so when I write I feel like I'm writing to those faithful readers. However, I don't say everything because 1)It is the internet and it's up for life and 2)I want to keep my job. lol I basically make sure that whatever I write is appropriate for any age.

urbanknitrix said...

Hey lady! I am a journal lover too!! I started writing in it again recently because I just needed it more than the blog, plus I have to plug up the computer and all that. Takes too much time. Plus I still like the feel of paper and pen.

I say share as much as you like, but know its here forever. This is why I don't show my face makes it a little easier to share.