Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 5... Thinking Thursday

....Congratulations to the Yankees!!! They are the Champions of the World Series for the
27th time!! Sorry Philly, maybe next year.

...I decided all I wanna do is knit. I just need to find the time to make this happen. It gives me such joy and satisfation. Right now I am close to finishing my Autumn Vine Stole. I have 550 yards. It looks like I need another skein and I can't find it anywhere. I purchased this yarn in
Baltimore at "Lovely Yarns" in September. Blue Heron was having a trunk show and I only bought one skein. I did see one person on Ravelry that had this yarn in there stash. I may have
to contact her.

.....Next week I am looking forward to an outing with my girls. We are going to the Friday 13th
big sale at A Tangled Skein. It starts at 9pm to Midnight.

.....I can't wait until my new computer comes. It will be my first laptop. Of course Chelette decided she needed a laptop too!(would you believe she is still celebrating her Birthday, she said she didn't buy herself anything and that she needed one) whateva!

....Last weekend I had the best fried oysters I have had in a long time at Houston's. I can't wait to get them again. I passed on my favorite 5 nut brownie.

......I am happy to report that my granddaughter Kayla is doing remarkably better after being
hospitalized for Asthma. She went back to school for the first time yesterday.

That's about it for me. Have a great day♥


turtlegirl76 said...

Which Blue Heron are you using? Charlotte Yarn carries BH. Maybe we have it?

cici said...

Thanks this is good news. Going to check now♥

Libby said...

I checked ebay, but they didn't have the color. I found it here: I don't know if the price is comparable or not since I'm not familiar with this yarn. Good luck!

Don said...

Good deal on your granddaughter doing well. I look to purchase a Mac during or after the Christmas holidays myself. My second laptop, the first one was stolen almost four years ago.

Hope all is well.

Beverly said...

You'll love the laptop. I don't know how I did without. You've got my mouth watering for fried oysters.

Great that your granddaughter is doing well. Hope she continues to improve.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your granddaughter is doing better. You should be proud of yourself, posting everyday is a task and they are interesting too. I will be checking in daily to see what's new.

cici said...'re a lifesaver. I was wonder what I was gonna do, now I don't have to. Thanks so much♥ Good looking out!

@Don.. I keep hearing how Mac's are da Bomb.. I looked at them. But they are so outta my price range. Let me now how it turns out

@Beverly...Thanks for the kind words, Everybody that knows me knows I am weak when it comes to oysters. I am so ready to have my laptop

@6p00d83451c7bc69e2....Hope is that you??? Only found out after looking you up. I hope that I can keep it up too! thanks. Glad to you see are back posting. I love reading what you write.