Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do What You Like/ All About Me???

How is everyones New Year going?? I have decided that, it's important to take time to do what you like. If you don't then someone will decide for you. I don't really do resolutions. I do try to think about what I would like to accomplish from time to time. I just have problem with long term goals. I am better at one step at a time. Looking back on 2009, I can't say I completed as many projects as I would have liked. I can't even give you an exact number. I can say I had fun knitting and I do have a few things to show for it.
I am hoping that 2010 is going to be an abundant year of finished objects. I am not good at doing more than one project at a time, is what I'm noticing. I tend to be a monogamous knitter. But when it comes to buying yarn, I think I am way to loose. At the present I am off the chain with more than I can possibly think of using up for at least years and years.
So I vow to not buy yarn until The Homespun Party coming in March. I have lessened my visit to yarns sites and shops, in hopes that I won't be tempted. I have some beautiful yarn in my stash and if I want to go shopping, all I need do is look into my stash. I am trying to figure out a way to display my yarn so that it's in my face sort-a-speak.

Today I pulled out this yarn and I am going cast on for a hat and hopefully finish it tonight. I am using the "One day hat" by The Rainey Sisters. It's a free pattern.

I asked Chelette to join me on the post because we were discussing this earlier. Here is her entry:

Cici and I are so connected-- she sent me a BBM text and it was exactly what I was thinking . We needed to do a new post about knitting more in 2010. Earlier today we were doing our new favorite thing --video chatting --via Oovoo. We went through our 2009 projects on ravelry. This of course got our minds to focus on projects we would like to complete in 2010. At first, I said I would do a list of things that I wanted to complete in 2010 and then I thought nooooooo our knitting is supposed to be fun, stress free and all about me.

As I looked back, I see that I knitted quite a few things for other people. Cici wanted to know what was the last thing I actually knitted for me? And I couldn’t even think of what it was –I said it was the Cherry Garcia hat, but then was reminded that was by default because it was originally for my daughter. So as I looked in my projects the last thing I have done for me was my Central Park Hoodie(CPH) which was finished in February 2009…….I will not focus on that revelation.

knitting 002
I just finished a hat for DH and let’s just say this is the very first item I have knitted for him.
kniting 007
Also, yesterday when DD and I were out she pointed out that she didn’t have any fingerless mitts….hint hint you have made 2 sets for other people. LOL… the guilt set in and off to LYS we went and got yarn for her fingerless mitts. The fingerless mitts will be done in a day or so. Then there's one sock that is hanging over my head which is a joint belated birthday project with Cici for our baby sister.

Thank you Beverly for showing me how to add ravelry projects to my postings.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I like your idea to knit some things for yourself and use your stash more I'm going to be trying to do the same an exception would be at Christmas time.Hugs Darcy

This One Woman said...

I really thin knitting would be good for me but I have ben unsuccessful at teaching myself. The classes I looked at were not fitting to my schedule.


Ice Princess said...

I think it's somthing we knitters do , knit for everyone else and forget ourselves. I look forward to see what you make for your self throughtout 2010!!

Susan said...

I predominately knit for myself, but also make sure to include projects for family. I think it is important to have a balance. You should enjoy the labor of your art as well!

With the economy as it is, today - I think it is smart for us all to try to use our stash more, also.

Virtuous said...

Luv the yarn!!! And great hat for DH too :)

I agree this should be the Year of the Stash!!

Happy 2010 ladies!! Praying for many blessings for you and the fam :)

Libby said...

Uh oh, "vow" is such a strong word. lol I'm doing something very similar - a 6 mo. yarn diet. 1 month down, 5 more to go.

Check out Brown Berry's ideas on her yarn diet and project packs. It may help you with your stash: and

flyngmunky said...

I can't wait to see what you both knit for yourself this year. I'm also inspired to focus on some things for myself. I'm actually usually really good at indulging my own desires for knit stuff, but not so much lately. Gotta get back to that. BTW, what is this Homespun Party you speak of?

Lolly said...

Oh that Folktale Fibers is SO perfect! and until you mentioned it, I had forgotten about the Homespun Yarn Party! what a joy that will be. It will be fun to see you two there!

Lupie said...

Cici I love this blog!
I will follow you here also.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oooo, nice post ! I love your husbands hat. Your yarns are pretty too, especially the yarn for the fingerless mitts !!! I don't know who I knit for, I just knit and at the end of the year I figure out what's being given as presents and the rest is mine !

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I guess I'm just too selfish. I knit and sew for myself although I did promist to make my husband a shirt this year. I should resolve to stop being so selfish with my crafting...should.