Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Knitting ----- WHAT'S THAT.........

I hate to say it, but there has been very little knitting going on here lately...I can't even think of a good reason for it, surely not for the lack of Wanting to knit... I just haven't had much progress and hope this is not going to last long. In the meantime, I sit and wait for inspiration to get those needles to clicking, maybe there just arn't enough hours in the day because when I finally have the time its about 10pm and time to go to bed. I have some sad news and this has also made me not want to do much lately The transfer I mentioned earlier -- It's not going to happen, not in the forseeable future anyways! So, I will have to think of plan B, not sure what that is yet... now another fun topic... comics Saw this on mydzire blog... I used to love comics.

My favorite was....Cathy

I almost never read them these days.. Thanks for reminding me that they still exist..


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

There are a lot of folks these days in knitting limbo. I use to love Cathy also.

Virtuous said...

Funny comics!! I will definitely have to snatch up that 1st one! I used to love Cathy too!

Sorry about the transfer, for I totally know about disappoint (just recently was rejected for a job I really wanted)....sigh

Just have to keep remembering God has GREAT plans for us that are not always what we think!!

STAY encouraged!

And baby Lailah is PRECIOUS!

C├ęcile said...

So sorry the transfer didn't happen. I wish you luck with plan B.

coincidences: I was at that Knit out at the MOA. My name is also Ceci. My husband is on his way to Washington DC tonight.

I live in frigid Duluth, Minnesota.

That's an adorable baby!! How sweet!