Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turkey Day

Turkey Day Survey

Where will you be spending Thanksgiving? My mothers house

How many people will you be eating dinner with? To many to count, probably over 10

Is there a designated kids table at Thanksgiving Dinner? Yes we have many little ones

Are you spending Thanksgiving with the same people as last year? Yes and a few more

Favorite Side Dish? We have the best side dishes, Mac&Cheese, Yams, Shrimp dish

Rice Stuffing Or Bread Stuffing? Bread stuffing with oysters

Who Will Be Cooking? Many cooks in the house me, sisters and Mom

Are Prayers Said Before Eating? Always

When was the last time you prayed? A few minutes ago

Does Everyone say what they are thankful for? Yes its a tradition

What are you thankful for? My family, My faith, My Life

Will There Be Just Family Or Close Friends As well? Both

Will Some Of The Meals Be Prepared The Day Before? Yes

Have you ever eaten Tofurkey? Don't think so

Will There Be Any Alcoholic Beverages Set On The Table?No

Are you going to watch Football?It will be on and I will be knitting I hope

Do you watch the Macy's Parade? Sometimes

Do You Look Forward To Thanksgiving? Yes.

Favorite Past Thanksgiving Memory? When I prepared the entire meal by myself and my kids came over

Is Thanksgiving Your Favorite Holiday? Well foodwise it is, it has all the dishes I enjoy the most. In fact I could eat turkey year round, and do. I also enjoy that it's the one Holiday set aside to give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Chelette said...

Cici, you made a mistake in one of your answers....

Will There Be Any Alcoholic Beverages Set On The Table?No

Well maybe you answered correctly, it will not be on the table, but there will be alcohol at the dinner....

BTW, the count so far is 21

Beverly said...

Makes me think of our house at Thanksgiving. Loved this post and yes we have alcohol.